Designed for You

Shaped to fit the natural contour of your body.

Ready, aim, fire with your removable extender.

Always keep your hands clean - even on the go.

Your Collection System

Your collection system completes your mini unit with a secure, auto-shut off connection to a sturdy collection pouch.


Save that bottle for your favorite drink, and get your complete Squattie today.

Simple & Secure

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and to-go cups!

Meet the Squattie

Squattie Tips

  • First Use

    It is highly recommended that you learn to use your Squattie in the shower.


    Only after you feel comfortable with your Squattie should you use it in public.

  • Keeping Clean

    Your Squattie is crafted with bacterial resistant resin to keep those germs away. Simply rinse your Squattie with some water directly after use to keep your Squattie clean.


    Squattie wipes are also packaged in pairs: One for you! and one for your Squattie!

  • One-Way Collection

    The Squattie Collection system only flows in one-direction. Once the bag is filled and the extender is removed, its contents are sealed and secure.

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